A Challenge

There’s an AIESEC – RB challenge that’s due in a couple of days…
I’m excited, I get enthusiastic when I get new ideas and I think I have brilliant ones up in my sleeve… Then again I research to see if my product is unique enough for 2030, (it lacks the futuristic factor) or even if it isn’t futuristic enough, it’s very relevant and even more so in 2030. That’s the scary part, but I know my product will be useful if people could do something like this. Which I know people can in the future. I’ve taken into consideration the values, the criteria and consumer insight as well as cost efficiency into this product. I’ve drafted story boards of my 1 minute commercial. I’ve segmented my market. Now the only problem is to tape it, to make a video, do some flash editing and submit it then get hundreds of likes even if it is during my final exam week.

Maybe I shouldn’t be too excited as to post my idea in this blog when I just tweeted my URL, but I can’t help it. I found my competitor product that did not work too well in the market anyway.

but if you want my honest opinion, products such as these wouldn’t really make it to mainstream if you try to make it a fashion accessory that is bland. Who would want to wear a baller like pest control as fashion? Let’s say it’s not even that fashionable or fragrant. I would say it would be mostly kids and old people who would buy it. Actually not even kids, the parents of the kids! and they’d be scared about the safety reasons and all.


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