short thought about OFWs

In all honesty, I have nothing against OFW’s or overseas Filipino workers. I think they’re really brave, venturing out of their country like that leaving their homes and families for different reasons. Some more noble and relatively deeper than the others but one thing is for sure, they leave their comfort zones in search for what they want to do and get in their life or what they think they NEED to do.

So why did I write that I have nothing against them in the first place? the thing is I do not like all the hype of the government is making about them. Yes, they are indeed in fact, heroes for bringing in a lot of remittances that helped us have a great amount of dollar reserves that cushioned the impact of the recent global economic downturn and they are in fact noble for leaving their homes for their families and sometimes even suffering abuse in the way. Maybe the government is indeed sincere, or maybe the government is using them as a propaganda for their own need or maybe the government is really acknowledging them. The thing is, I wish instead of them create that much hype that OFWs are awesome they create programs that make the country more job friendly. I know it’s WAY MUCH harder than it sounds and I know it’s never easy but is the government continuously allowing more and more Filipinos to leave just because of such and such? YES, I know there’s an existing theory in economics about specialization, and that the Philippines instead of having agricultural or industrial goods specialization can specialize on services and human capital however, to leave the country because you want to feed your children and not see them for years, possibly them never being able to meet you because of your work just to provide a decent way of living to your family is just a sweet but sad story. There’s a massive amount of these people who leave their children under the care of relatives, grandparents or even on their own after some years. What is happening then to that very strong family values that the Filipinos have? is it in a way tremendously affected? We can say that a lot of the families here despite being extremely busy and competitive are still grounded in a very family oriented culture that some families despite all their trouble have it embedded in their psyche- no matter how lunatic a sibling is or something. I strongly acknowledge the strength of these people, some of them get good and great jobs in search of a new land or in search for their ambition, some of them leave in hopes of getting a better life, in hopes that going abroad will help them feed and give a better life to their family.. Some of them end up getting it, some of them end up getting better, some of them end up getting worse, some of them end up getting the worst of all- hoaxed and sold as a slave. I hope though that in the future, the majority of the people who leave do not have the same reason as the people who leave right now – they leave because of inadequate support and believe that the only way to support their family is by venturing abroad. What do you think?


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