I have decided to redo this entire blog and hide some of my previous blogs. The past few years have been a blast I know, so many experiences to share about, some of which I have written in some blog or another then again after writing I never bother to organize my blog and stuff.

So how will I go about this? Write my travels? my personal thoughts? people recommend bloggers to focus on some things when creating blogs.. If you want to talk about your personal life then do so, if you want to talk about other people or things that are happening you become a lifestyle blogger or something. The thing is, I always find a lot of things to talk about and I don’t damn well want to create a blog for every different thing. Besides, I don’t think i’ll be that kind of blogger with that one special thing people would go look for-like food! i’m an eater not a connoisseur with a food blog. So I become a normal your-average blogger who follows her own rules. 


Time to start blogging!!!!


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