Changes in the city

Years back, my family always went to this place called KAMPO, a military camp or something near my grandparent’s house at least once a month. We would go here and the nearby walking distance then Fort Bonifacio, now known as “BGC- Bonfacio Global City”. During those days, my brothers would chase and catch frogs, insects and other living things and some of us would look for fireflies or toss a frisbee and ball around. It was also during the younger days of my uncle where he’d catch a goat and bring it home. Where my mom would cut classes in school to enjoy the days outdoors in Fort Bonifacio. It is a place of memories. Once a place filled with nothing but grass, until its eventual development of a few buildings. Years after, it is now a place for the financially affluent, a place to be, a city brimming with night life and so on. I have not been to KAMPO for over a year,if i remember correctly. Going back to this place to practice a little freestyle football had made me recall such memories. I saw the development that happened in BGC but it is only now that I have really reflected on the change that has been happening. One of my siblings was sort of apprehensive towards the change when it was happening. But I think that since people accept the development that has come with the change they are not against it. The place really looks well-developed. Green buildings and wide open spaces would really suit the urban planning of the location. It is just that, once BGC was full of wide open public spaces for people to enjoy, then during the development phase there were big lots that had plenty of football goal posts. Now however, the only football field that was left is the expensive astro-turf. I only wish that despite the ongoing development with the place, they would not forget to have public parks and courts so that the people can enjoy it. However looking at it now, it doesn’t seem likely to happen. Yes there is development, yes there is beauty and a power statement that comes with this development. Consumerism however, remains strong in the urban development of the cities of the Philippines. Where are the free parks? the public football fields? Well of course, they would want people to play in the P2,500 rental per 2 hours astroturf rather than have some football field where people can rent at a much cheaper price/ for free.


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