SUNTAN vs GLUTHATIONE: going beyond skin deep thoughts

So what is it really? 

I understand that people want to look like they’ve come to the beach. It’s something that people would like to do and earn those compliments that they have been somewhere out there and all that. 

But, Do Filipinos wish to become TAN? or FAIR SKINNED? it’s kind of irritating when you think about it and how it is portrayed by the media. I’ve encountered so many commercials like PONDS that promote that healthy glowing white skin. Big advertisements of Gluthatione and other whitening products. Whitening products probably have a big market share in this country. Not to mention models and celebrities are mostly “fair” skinned especially in telenovelas. Then, we have those articles/commentaries/segments/advertisements etc about being TAN! let me copy paste a line from an article in the website of a well-known newspaper.

“his enviable year-round tan”

what is it really? am i just at different groups every time? is there a difference between these two groups?

i had an “enviable” year-round tan when I played for football varsity. There really weren’t a lot of people envious of my skin apart from the “you’re so dark now” comment which I would sometimes correct them by saying “tan” until i really got what we called nognog. I have to admit that my being “tan” had different levels from a “beach” looking tan to a very “dark-burnt-looking” tan with the former gaining better comments like “you look like you came from the beach”. let me tell you that i don’t think people of all sorts ever found that enviable most especially being all-year long tan. Although I have to say i both liked being under the sun and being tan since it speaks how much I loved football and missed my original skin color. So why do we have to say that year-round tan thing? are we subconsciously copying from the “norm” in other countries? or is it because there are different groups that care about skin color? or maybe that article i read about the enviable year-round tan is just for people who loved going to beaches and care about the skin tan? or is it because of the certain groups of people? a talk with my friend about the topic had made me think of the topic and another reason. Health and wellness is also related to being tan. If you look at sports magazines, you would know who spent their time outdoors compared to the people who stayed at home. There is something in their skin whether fair or dark. Morena, yellow or white. They love being outdoors and the skin comes with it. However these are also the people who don’t really care about skin colors being enviable because it is a by-product of being outdoors. These are some of the people who enjoy and accept that they have indeed, become tan. It is a testament that they were outdoors that they had done something. Likewise for the people who want that look of not getting enough sun because they want that image and hell maybe they are indeed scared of the sun stinging their skin. 

Then do the usage of certain products define these groups of people? I might say not really. I understand why some people use these whitening products to change their skin. Some do it to get whiter, but some would sadly do it just to be completely different. Unless of course, it’s a morena using a tanning salon after taking gluthathione. Hey girl/boy, the Philippines has got lots of sun and you would spend money on a tanning salon? i’m not sorry and embarrassed to judge you and call you a stupid sheep. For products, I have this instant switch of immediately thinking usage of tanning salons in the country and tanning products as stupid but i like to think people have their reasons and it would be unfair to judge them just because of the products that they use to whatever reasons they have behind. 

I guess no matter whether you want to be tan or you want to be fairer the main irritating point that gets me is this. If you want to get whiter or tan-er go ahead. If you do it because you copy other nationalities and feel “westernized” or something about it, if you do it to force yourself into a category of people, or if you are the type that can’t appreciate and love their own skin then that’s the irritating thing. Reasons count for the changes that will take place but sometimes these reasons are in thin lines especially with the media. 


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