An Uncommon Occurrence

Perhaps living in the city no matter where you are in the world will always have some sort of excitement even in the more peaceful parts where a little conflict every now and then occur. Perhaps it also happens not only in the city but elsewhere where little bar fights occur and drunken sleazes patrol the streets in their weekly drinking session with buddies. Then again, it may happen more often in places with less security and more informal settlers living around the perimeter. But isn’t this present everywhere in the city in a 3rd world country? Even nearby some of the country’s residential homes for the affluent, informal settlers are less than an hour away.

My street isn’t really a very dangerous street. Sure there are enough dangers around in the late night, due to the 1minute walking distance of informal settlers who cause most of the disturbances and rumors going abound but it’s also a more or less, respectable place where banks line the streets and a police station in the same street. Comparatively, it has bright street lights, a wide street and guards on duty on every bank that line up the street as compared to other streets with many alleys and squatters right outside. An occurrence is a firemen’s siren will pass by the street followed by a few more sirens. A car sometimes revs up its engine, going back sometimes once or twice. What rarely happens, but happens anyway are the creepy drunks smashing bottles and having an argument or rarely, in the middle of the night you’d hear a blood-curling scream (this happened one night when there was a black out and we were telling ghost stories) or hear of a hold-up nearby the next day. They don’t really make the national news, but it certainly doesn’t escape the ears of those who live in the street. My sister’s car was stolen from our street though, which is weird, and our neighbor was hold-upped, infiltrated and stolen from. There were rare speed demons who zoomed our street, sometimes we think they are drunk or maybe high. It’s a good thing we have ferocious dogs to keep those plotting squatters who may either be or not be from our street. One cannot be helped but be a little paranoid and careful in this area. Thugs may roam the streets late at night or it could either be seemingly peaceful in the main street.

Tonight was quite uncommon though. A car revved up its engine more than twice and it was unusual but i paid no attention to it. A siren came and went around once or twice again and despite the itching feeling i felt that something’s amiss from the usual, i let it go and found myself deeply into what i was currently doing. So when i went up, i asked my sister and my cousin about what i heard and they said that there was a speed demon going back and forth the street. By the way, they had an ugly car not that it matters but it COULD matter. We can omit sons of politicians to relatives or customs agents instead. Then this squatter comes and notifies them that they are a disturbance through a pat on the car or whatever, which they ignore. Then they pass by again and these squatters decide to throw something at them which makes them mad. They pass by the street again, taunting these squatters to go out by revving up their engines and lurking in the streets. One of them, goes out of the car and near the squatter’s area with what my cousin says seems to be an AK-847 or something. I guess this is an exaggeration because not all gun’s at arm’s length (well my arms) are a certain model of course. My sister says it’s quite a big gun. The police in the same street comes, and they chase this car but they never got to it. Later on, an ambulance and a fireman’s truck passes by. Funny, since my sister called the fire station accidentally to report of the incident. I joke that it must be the fire station she called. With all the dramas that happened in our street, those burglaries and hold-ups, infiltrated homes and cleared out 5-min walk convenience stores, never before has a gun bigger than a handgun appeared in our streets threatening those not-so-innocent squatters. It’s kind of scary if you think about it. There were times we would walk late midnight or very early in the morning along the street on the way to midnight mass or a 24-hr open restaurant or massage and it seemed peaceful. I guess you can never predict these things. A seemingly peaceful and busy street (in the morning) can become dangerous in certain ways.


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