A book review: 50 shades of Puke OH MY!!

50 Shades of Grey, a New York Times best seller that girls flock to buy it, people wonder what it is and men await for the movie where Emma Watson is supposed to have considered the role of the protagonist. The only thing I have heard about it is that it is S&M literature, an erotica. I am thankful my aunt had purchased it and I only had to borrow it because I wouldn’t want to waste my money on it. I couldn’t read everything, I just had to use my skim and scan skills stopping and reading certain parts. Beware to those who buy because it has reached the status of International Best Seller and that kind of stuff. This book lacks literature and the way it was written is bland and atrocious. I especially hated her internal conversations, her OH MY. I honestly felt like those internal conversations shifted from a supposed young American woman to an old or middle aged English woman.  The internal dialogue with herself is seriously pointless and a fail attempt at literature and makes her sound so superficial and plastic, detached from her character’s traits. It sounds like an old British woman that kept on making a mistake and so on. What is that self dialogue for anyway in the first place? From internal dialogues to the way the sentences were written, the book is atrocious despite its humble fan-fiction beginnings.

Beware of books that make it into lists. I once picked up a book of James Patterson called Witch and Wizard (I think) and it was horrible! seriously! I could handle books that lack plot, books that are quite inaccurate with facts, books that are a bit tacky and not that well written but intriguing but this James Patterson book had turned me off all his books and his capabilities as a writer. He has so many books that I just questioned myself right now if he’s the one who wrote all of it or is it a pen name of many people. Apparently he’s reached a top list of an author award or something but the book seriously sucked young-adult or children’s book wise.


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