something said that was never said at all: The doomsday prophecy.

The end of the world is near. In a few days, the world will end through some force we do not know about. That’s what a lot of people are thinking, some are probably selling all their assets and treasured goods in order to survive the impending doomsday coming from the prophecy of the Mayans. Some are registering their lovable pets in a pet hotel, whose terms and conditions are that they will only accept to take care of your pet if the world population has reduced to 30% – as if we will ever know if the world ends. Some are buying “Fall out” type of real property, probably stacking up on those doomsday  goods on internet websites and so on. Then we have those doomsday preppers that really practice and stock up on goods.  I love survival stuff and I enjoy dystopian fiction in both books, movies and video games and I love survival (both natural and urban) stuff and I enjoy imagining apocalyptic scenarios but there’s just too much capitalism and the media ‘s over sensationalizing the end of the Mayan Calendar involved. Speaking of doomsday preppers and hoarders, I had this conversation with some friends of mine who were talking about the doomsday of 2012 compared to 2000. I told them that my grandmother bought lots of candles for that one and they said, really? what about now? Now we have flashlights. (but that won’t work if the solar flairs affect that technology wouldn’t it?)

I heard someone say she heard from the news that NASA said that the end of the world is cancelled through meteor theory. NASA never said the world will be ending but the media, makes it sound like so. NASA is always saying that there is a probability that the world will suffer any time because of that meteor/ asteroid. NASA’s theory on this Mayan calendar that has scientific backing is the sun spot activity which will reportedly increase during the 21th of December and might affect electronics. That would be hard during this age where most people rely on electronics. If that does happen, in places where people are up in paranoia such as US, China and Russia might suffer a mass panic.

NGC, Discovery and History channel respectively show back to back documentaries on how the world could end. As much as I love these channels, I’ve grown up realizing that even if it is full of interesting documentaries, it is not independent (of course) of the desire to sell their shows and increase ratings. It is not the foremost authority, nor is it also always free of bias- subjective and professional. It is for the curious, possibly for the scholar, the academic, the professional but most of the shows have of course, been toned down to familiarize itself with the public. Some shows that were obviously for the curious and less about reality and science (but I still appreciated it, but I believe some people are fooled thinking it’s the real thing) that I have seen were those of dragons and some supernatural beings in the red tape series.

I have also heard of the Gangnam-Nostrodamus theory. Heck, I don’t even know which of Nostrodamus’ theories are in fact, real or just made up recently. They say that Gangnam style is in the prophecies with the number of zeros and horses related to Nostrodamus’ prediction of horses reaching 9 0’s or something and Asians dominate over the Westerners. Is that even what Nostrodamus is trying to say? Is Gangnam style really about horses? Does it mean that because gangnam style has reached almost 9 0’s votes that it dominates the west? People will really try to relate everything to it. But is it true? of course we don’t know that. The thing about predictions is that it may be true or it may be that we are just trying to make it true.

The thing about the end of the world is, some people still live forward, some people believe that to live forward is to prepare or have at least some sort of preparation. There are those who have a “que-sera sera” attitude of whatever will / may be will/may be. There are those who truly don’t believe or don’t really care and are much more focused on their past/present/future. I don’t believe that the end of the world will happen in one day. I also don’t believe it’s the end of the world. Something terrible may happen or the so-called conspiracy theories of the New World Order (whatever is that order) might start but I kind of doubt it. I believe that the Mayans are predicting big change and humanity does not change over night, so if ever, it might be something big and great but not necessarily terrible. Even the actual modern Mayans aren’t actually being panicky about the end of the world. They never said it would end. It’s just us, the media and the capitalistic combined that put meaning to it and always have. It’s anticipated, sometimes we get the feeling people actually look forward to it thinking it’s like their favorite movie/videogame/book. The belief that the world will end will never end. Of course, we are always in the process of the world ending, we don’t know it. The meteor/ asteroid can hit any time, super volcanoes might erupt killing many and possibly starting a pandemic and so on or continuous disasters may strike repeatedly significantly altering our lives and reducing population that may seem like the end of the world. But as history shows, dinosaurs didn’t just become extinct in a single day and night. In fact, not all are extinct as we thought. Still, it’s better to live life now than to sell all your assets in order to prepare for the destruction of the earth. 12years ago, many people thought the world would end during the millennium, turns out they were wrong. If Nostrodamus were still alive, he’d be a rich rich man!

Random thought, Are zombie movies popular because of the impending end of the Mayan Calendar or is it the other way around? or did they just develop independent of each other?  I just wanted to write this end of the world blog, before my mother’s birthday and the supposed doomsday as well as the end of the Mayan Calendar happens!



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