What I learned about life and relationships by being a shutterbug

Although I call myself an amateur photographer, I am admittedly not very good at it as some other people are. I’ve had my DSLR camera for years, and sometimes I act like a shutterbug, clicking that shutter without much thoughts. My photo editor in the University newspaper once told me he accepted me because I had the spirit of the photographer which is why he accepted an amateur like me in the first place. I was the most beginner of them all. However, he also told me that I tend to take a lot of shots which is supposed to be fine, but I have to keep in mind the SHOT THAT MATTERS. The one shot that should define  the moment, and not the many shots of random things and sometimes even with the same angle. I take many shots for different reasons

1) I experiment. I take the shots using different shutter speeds, apertures

2) I save it for later. I save it to check which of the photos have the best light, it’s quite funny because some photos aren’t really different from the other. Maybe just a change in the aperture by one and I still keep it.

3) I wait for something. I wait for that SHOT and while I wait, I click and click and click so I won’t miss it. I constantly click and look through the lens (or not but click anyway)

Yes I know these aren’t the best reasons, the best practices. I should try and develop through practice and living with the camera and developing my relationship with it so I can take better and fewer shots. Not a hundred shots of an object slightly moving a few degrees.

What I learned was, while I was taking that many shots with the camera, I miss the life that is happening in front of me. Photographers catch that shot, successful ones catch the picture well and it makes something for them. As for the shutterbug, how many shots have you made and failed? when you should either be living the shot and the moment, or getting that moment but you are neither here nor there. You’re just a shutterbug with so many attempts that you miss out the picture. Yes maybe from time to time you could catch a moment but if you keep on doing so, you’ll be shooting more than you’re living. It’s the same with relationships. In today’s digital age, relationships seem to be easy to connect with. However, how many people will you truly connect with and make time for? How many of these friends of yours in social media do you truly affect and connect with? You might not be a great influencer but you can still connect and affect someone’s life. Although social media presence matters, it doesn’t mean that just because you have a lot means you make the most out of it.

Sometimes you have to live the moment and stop recording at the moment

So people, take a photo well. There’s a difference between photos and the photo. The same with life, live and truly live it.



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