I am my own social network pet peeve

In order to ensure my online identity will not be tarnished by my past online presence, I decided to revisit some old blogs of mine. Luckily I haven’t forgotten the password of some websites although the other websites, i have to revisit. I logged into this old blog of mine in high school, and although I only wanted that blog to be personal and never really cared about followers except my friends, I found myself being irritated at the way I wrote many years ago. I realize that they are my pet peeves and didn’t know I was doing them so badly many years ago. Coupled with reading some more articles in mashable and other business websites about the different (and irritating kinds) of facebook users,  I wanted to write about how I am my own social networking pet peeve with 2 major pet peeves of mine I saw from that blog.

1) I hate those blogs that whine, rant and feel like they’re shouting and with too much information, and over emotional.

I understand the need to share information or something at least personal in social networks. I do it too, even in twitter and facebook sometimes or through comments. typing in the moment by typing so many r’s, so many exclamation points and so on as if my fingers are momentarily stuck on the keyboard. When I read that blog though I felt so whiny complaining about just about a lot of stuff. After reading I had the urge to rant again and this time about my own blog. Sure, the blog’s mostly for me and not for others to see, an outlet for my emotion but you would never know who would be reading it in the future. Worse, you’d see yourself in the future as your own pet peeve and embarrassed at yourself.

over-sharing causes more harm than good!!! ranting online is like ranting at the wrong person. the wrong person may tell someone who shouldn’t hear it but ranting online let’s the whole world who shouldn’t hear it, hear it!

2) Shortcuts – shrt cuts, lyk dis!

I only remember how I hate writing in text language or shortcuts over the internet and through writing. I forgot when the time I told myself I will write in proper spelling and grammar and english was. Now I remembered it was sometime high school and probably even before that embarrassing blog. I find such writing tacky and lazy and irritating and found it painful to the eyes. The fact that I forgot about it means I repressed my own memory with something so horrible *shudder*

honestly, is it so hard to type the entire word? I find it easier to type the entire word in the keyboard than adding some cutesy cutesy letters or stuff on the word.

These are the most prominent pet peeves I saw on that blog. I knew I wrote a terrible blog before but now I find myself finding it real dreadful. I have another pet peeve which I luckily never do, that is blogging in Taglish (Filipino Tagalog and English). So be careful of what you type, you never know if it could hurt your personal branding, cost you something in the long-run like self shame maybe? Even if you have no specific audience, people will always be watching.  Then again, sometimes we don’t notice what we do and we have no one to remind us because maybe they’re unaware too or embarrassed to tell us because they feel they might offend us.

What I learned

Many of us don’t have blogs or social networking accounts for a specific use or brand or image. Sometimes our accounts are just for fun, for personal use or for whatever things that come up in our mind. Sometimes we are slightly our own pet peeve and sometimes we forgive a little bit our friends or network who practice our own pet peeves. We don’t have to stop with whatever we are doing but we do have to think about it and maybe improve on that.

Write always with a goal and a subject. Don’t ramble but write meaningfully, or at least try to. Find out what you really want to say, sometimes you think you want to say so many things but in reality there’s a big message and thought that you want to share. concentrate on that and let your story flow.

Be alert, and have likewise friends who would be alert about what you do in the internet. Those who you can trust to tell you that you’re saying something net inappropriate again and so on.


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