Opinion: Article about firing toxic employees

So I was reading this article about firing employees in your company from Inc. and believe that this article lies on the extreme side of the people you should fire.When I first read it, I was already disagreeing with the article but then it reminded me of how some small and traditional businesses operate and saw how some of the points in the article reflect traditional small business management.

In the article, it’s mostly the company’s side that is voiced and I get the general message that it’s all the fault of the employee without even reviewing the company’s faults on why the employees aren’t producing results. Maybe it’s not the article’s point to show that but it also loses a lot of credibility by extremely categorizing toxic employees to fire at will. Take a look at firing employees who are “all effort, no results”. While I do agree that these types of employees aren’t always healthy for the company, maybe there’s something wrong with the company’s system. Then again, maybe there’s something wrong with the kind of effort that employee is making. If you suddenly fire this type of employee without further assessment, you might be the one making the mistake or costing you more money and non-numerical costs than you think.

The article also reminded me of how some small and traditional businesses operate or rather jobs that do not require much qualifications and skills. Take note, SOME and not all. An example would be truck drivers. Rarely are there measures of success for these jobs, and no matter how enthusiastic they might be for their job or hard working, if they lose money for the company by not achieving what they were hired for, they get fired. Often these types of employees are fired because they don’t have the proper skills for another job or for some cases, the company doesn’t offer a flexible job. Even if he based corporate culture on getting the right fit, isn’t he supposed to be feeling the right fit employees earlier on the interviews? and would this line even be a measure of “fitting” in the company culture?

And this is simply not the right place for everyone – especially people who want to have a family, outside interests and a normal life.

While I agree that not all employees are the best for the company, I just realized with this article that firing-off employees should not be based on such a list that extremely categorizes people. I would also like to say that whilst earlier I said his article reminded me of how a small business operates, even small businesses can thrive with the more recent management practices and even small businesses can be flexible in allocating a driven employee who produces no results into something else he might excel on.

which leads me to something I’ve noticed from reading such articles,

be careful of business articles on the web even if they are written by CEOs or people in position. Not all insights can be applied to your reality and not all insights are actually insightful.


here’s a different article about the unmanageable rockstar employee



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