Travel Filming: An Idea

Google travel writing and you will get various links about travel literature. Search travel photography on yahoo search engine and you will get the same. Searching for Travel Filming however, gave me some results but not all the links were truly about travel filming. 

I’v been thinking about travel filming for quite some time now. I’m interested in the art of photography and filming, sad to say I have never done a movie clip I could truly call as artistic, or inspiring although I do have a lot of ideas but never a complete story board. So when I was looking at b-school application about essays and creative self-expression tools, It hit me. I love traveling and photography or film and so why not make one. 

Each medium has its own pros and cons, its own audience, its own community and its own way of conveying a message. Traveling on film has its own challenges. Earlier on my blog I posted about what being a shutterbug can teach you about life, that sometimes we focus on taking that perfect moment instead of living in the moment. The same is true on film. Do you capture it with your lens or would you let it capture you? Can you even do both? Can you capture the moment for yourself and immortalize it as well with your camera? Film is similar to photography with how you use the camera or gadget to record a moment. You need a story, you need patience and a vision but you need to be more versatile and flexible.  With a pen and paper you can reflect about your travel and write in your spare time or your time for writing. With photography, you look and find, or compose and shoot during that moment but with travel filming, you have to plan out your story, your shots, etc that it seems you might need more work or equipment. People say you should have a story board for your film, but video is just so versatile that you can go from a planned story, to a 5 minute video of the different 1 minute clips you might have taken in your journey and still make something wonderful.

So why not try travel filming? Yes you might go plan a story before you even reach a destination but you can also make a story as you go on your journey. Maybe you wouldn’t know where to start with the different random clips of interest that you took, but there’s always a story waiting to be told.

Start traveling and start filming.  


Here are two articles I found when I googled travel filming 


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