Laughing in Different languages

I met a lot of people all over the world because of my student organization in university called AIESEC. I met different cultures, learned about the different realities and still remained in contact with a diverse group of friends in over 20 countries out of the 110 countries that were members in the organization during my term. When we communicate via the internet, i noticed that different countries have different “laughters” online. 

In Japan they say WWW, in Korea they say KKK, Vietnam, HIX HIX. I encountered jajajaja, jaejaejae and haehaehaeh in Latin America. The haehae specifically from Brazil. 

Linguistics is an area that interests me but I’m also interested in the “universal” language that could span beyond linguistics. The different way of laughing is something i find interesting although I have not put much thought into it. I don’t think that it’s something that tells about the different types of humor we have around the world. They are all spelled differently but they all sound the same. I haven’t really been able to think a deeper explanation without just babbling off technicalities I don’t really believe in. 

If you know any interesting “laughter” or any theories about the different types of laughter do share! 


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