Self-help books that I MIGHT wish there was about

This is going to be a really short blog. 

There are dozen of self-help books around in the library. Some of them interesting, some of them you end up liking, some of them terrible and a waste of money. I used to buy a lot of certain “leadership” books that were supposedly very “popular” but it turns out that I didn’t really like the content of some of them. I suppose, some of them are very idealistic or didn’t exactly made me feel “sold” on it that somehow, instead of feeling that I am “improving” I felt somehow fake or very incapable or something like that. 

What I wish there was a book on is about human intuition i guess. I know i might also scoff at the idea or the content if there was a book about the subject on and there’s also probably a scientific book about intuition, but not so much in layman’s terms. Then again, maybe I never really searched for one. If intuition can be categorized, how would it be categorized? How do people usually separate intuition from judgement and bias? Stuff like that. Of course, people will always at some point, doubt their intuition or mistake their doubt for intuition and that’s why i think such a book might be handy. Sometimes I wonder for myself if my intuition is mixed up with bias or more likely, if I am denying myself what my intuition is trying to tell me from the noise that is common in life. 

There are some self-help books about politics, human behavior (self-help books i’m quite interested in.) correct me if i’m wrong with their genre. I know there’s a great chance a book about intuition could be crappy but I’d surely love to see one.


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