About me

Hi my name is Stephanie Yap from the Philippines.


When I was a child I used to dream in becoming scientist. I wanted to be in National Geographic, I wanted to invent things and create a company that would sell my invention. I brought up encyclopedias and science books to my room and it would gather dust there (haha). Back in highschool, my team and I became part of the top 12 in a Science Congress by creating synthetic wood out of waste. At some point in time, my dreams began to change. I wanted to be in the art industry and learn filming, then I wanted to be in business and pursued Applied Economics in my University. But even then, my interest in science and our environment never changed. In my first year in university, I watched the inconvenient truth by Al Gore and became aware of climate change. Then I became passionate in a youth organization called AIESEC. It was about leadership and creating impact around the world and I was introduced to sustainability. Sustainability attracted me. The Philippines was suffering heavy blows of typhoon that were far from normal every year and we talked to non-profit organizations to partner with our organization in order to create projects and develop the youth by giving them leadership opportunities to learn more about the issues.

I am an ordinary person aspiring to do amazing things. Sometimes it gets hard. Failure and disappointment are always around the corner but the biggest threat was always that little voice in my head telling me that I am not enough and comparing myself with everybody else to bring myself down.

I’m no environmentalist, not an engineer and I could probably think of a group of people who could join the trip. I did not invent any lamp that is powered by salt water but I always want to make a difference and I always seek to challenge myself. I hope you can support me become the first Filipina to come to Antarctica, and learn how to help battle climate change and take action against it.

It honestly feels so intimidating and exciting to meet and see these amazing young people who are going to Antarctica this 2016. I want to be one of those people in the world who will make a difference.





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