Fresco Filipinas: Manila

Most people have heard of the internet sensation “Fresco Jesus” but not many are aware of Fresco Filipinas. While the painting vandalized out of innocence and goodwill by an amateur artist old lady with goodness in mind to save her favorite painting and banned from the premises, can we say the same for Fresco Filipinas? […]

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Tagaytay, Philippines -taal lake

Overlooking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Taal Volcano, Tagaytay Taal Volcano is a complex volcano in Taal Lake, Tagaytay just 2hrs away from Manila. Recently, many parts of this volcanic island have been banned to locals and tourists alike due to volcano activity. Taal is a frequent getaway of people from the city. The cold […]

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Delayed wonders in one of my travels (Taj Mahal)

Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal, Agra, India 2010

Have you ever traveled to a very beautiful place? but could not let wonder take over you because you could not let go of something?

I went to one of the wonders of the world in India last 2010, September. It was certainly beautiful, but I could not enjoy it. I was worried about my flight, which was 6 hrs away from Agra. I missed it. I could not have that feeling of wonder and amazement as I looked into the majestic structure of the Taj, brimming with tourists but still absolutely wonderful. I wondered that time, how my friends from India had told me that they were awestruck. Could not speak nor utter any words because of amazement in their own country. I wondered why I could not feel it. Worries of my flight and the rush of people had occupied my mind. India, despite the good memories, was also with bad memories that could not be shook off easily. When I went back to my country, more trouble followed. Due to my missing of my flight, I spent a huge amount of money to cover phone bills, flight booking, etc. Not to mention how I felt irritated that I failed a subject in school because I missed my flight and missed an exam, and how I paid for a huge amount of money just to see the Taj Mahal and had gotten into a huge misunderstanding with the organizers that made me miss my flight. We weren’t going to miss out the trip to taj mahal with all the money the money we paid and the organizer apparently thought our flight was going to be in Agra instead of New Delhi where we left all our things. Then I almost missed my flight again. I told myself I wouldn’t come back to India for quite some time because of what happened. A few short months after getting those experiences out of my system however, the place became more special to me. After getting to know the place a little better from my home, after a bit of reflection and memory, the place was not the same place I had traveled to but more.

This time however, I would love to come back and revisit the Taj Mahal. Maybe I can finally capture the feelings in that location. Feelings I believe, are what makes the place more wonderful. You could have a sense of awe, a sense of interest, curiosity. I guess it is that connection you make to that place with how you feel during that moment. You may not be speechless with wonder but you can have the connection. I have no doubt that maybe the 2nd visit I will have in the Taj Mahal will spark that feeling. Maybe I was not ready to see the wonder that comes with the Taj Mahal when sometimes other places not necessarily part of the 8 wonders of the world had struck me with some sort of feeling.

A place does not necessarily become special on the first travel, sometimes it takes another and maybe some more to share a story with the place. It is the same with how you travel, if you travel like a local, the place becomes different as compared to travelling in a formal tour group.

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Singapore February 2012 1st day

note: I’m trying to improve my photography so constructive criticisms are always welcome! It’s been years since I’ve gone to Singapore. Around 4 years to be not-so-exact. My friends and I this year went during Valentines day, February 14! Upon arriving at the terminal, I was dismayed as I realized we didn’t land at Singapore’s […]

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